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There are many reasons why people become addicted. People with anxiety, mood, personality disorders or other mental health problems are particularly vulnerable to becoming dependent on substance use or Read More

Anxiety Disorders

Biofeedback is a powerful set of tools we use to reveal your body’s level of stress and how it improves when you apply the simple skills of stress recovery that we teach you. It’s non-invasive and can even be fun! Using Read More

Career Counseling

If you feel dissatisfied with your work, feel unaccomplished or unrecognized for your contributions, have “checked-out” or are self-sabotaging your own success at work, you are not alone. Close to twenty percent of Read More

Mood Disorders

Disorders related to one’s mood can be highly disruptive and even dangerous if not addressed professionally. Common symptoms are feeling sad and “empty inside” all the time, loss of interest in joyful activities Read More

Personality Disorders

Personality or Characterological Disorders are diagnosed when people experience patterns of behavior, feelings, and thinking that significantly interfere with their life and create problems in personal and social Read More

Spiritual Struggles

In the most stressful moments, many people turn to their faith as source of solace and support. The healing power of healthy spiritual and religious practices is well documented. However, some forms of Read More