Maryana Kanda, LSW, APM

Accredited Professional Mediator

I am passionate about helping people resolve their differences through mediation and get on with their lives. I have been practicing family and divorce mediation for over 16 years and I keenly understand the emotional pain the divorcing couples are going through and I dedicate my efforts to reduce their sufferings as much as possible.

I firmly believe that I offer much better way for people to end their relationships than a legally contested divorce.
I conduct my sessions in a non-threatening, non-adversarial and trust building manner where parties can direct their best efforts to resolve all their issues in a dignified and constructive setting. I can make the difficulet process of divorce easier on you and your family. 

I am accredited by New Jersey Association for Professional Mediators (NJAPM) and have also received a special training in child custody, parenting coordination, financial planning, and conflict resolution.

In 2009 I have been appointed as a Parent Coordinator by NJ Family Courts.

For the last three consecutive years I have been recognized by NJ BIZ as one of the top family mediators.

Maryana Kanda, LSW, APM